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Ezzlube® is a range of products designed to collectively provide enhanced product handling and management control including,
efficient receiving, “fail safe” dispensing, precise delivery along with accurate inventory monitoring and transaction recording.


Storage space, security of handling, protection from contamination and cost, are the main issues which arise when it comes to bulk liquid systems. With the innovative UNIPAC Ezzlube® Bulk Dispensing System, UNIPAC has the perfect solution for all bulk lubricant handling in workshops whether large or small.

The UNIPAC Ezzlube® dispensing system, when combined with one of our electronic Oil Management Systems, accurately monitor, control and record all lube inventory inputs and usage, ensuring your workshops’ total lubricant needs are consistently and securely met.

We can develop a system to match the exact needs of any application. Growing environmental regulations and demand for product efficiency make this kind of service vital where precise filling and audit-trail of lubricants are involved to help protect customer warranty entitlements and mitigate risks or liabilities.

Ezzlube® is designed to operate in a variety of configurations to suit any bulk fluid delivery need. At it’s simplest, the Ezzlube® 2000L module can be used to directly accept and control the flow of bulk fluids delivery and enable product dispensing to any designated workshop outlet point.

The Ezzlube® family of products enable workshops to improve their bulk fluids management by retaining  the flexibility of non-monitored bulk oil installations but implementing accurate dispenser control and recording.

The Ezzlube® family includes;

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 Oil Management System (OMS)