Lubrication & Fluid Handling

Samoa Agriemach V2UNIPAC Equipment offers and extensive range of lubrication equipment including oil and grease transfer pumps and guns, hose reels, metered and non-metered control valves, fluid dispensing products, evacuation products and in-line meters and automatic lubrication systems and oil boys.

Automotive and vehicle workshops today are becoming increasingly concerned with OH&S issues, efficiency, the minimization of wastage whilst always needing to ensure maximum profitability.

UNIPAC offers two of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of lubrication equipment for automotive workshops. The range of products includes waste oil handling equipment to air operated pumps and hose reels. UNIPAC offer, supply and installation of equipment solutions for customers in a range of industries including automotive, mining, transport, and agriculture.

At UNIPAC we understand that lubrication equipment solutions must ensure that you get the job right the first time PLUS you and your team get the job done efficiently and cost effectively whilst always maintaining the highest level of safety within your workshop.

Lubrication equipment from SAMOA and TRIENS are ;

  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Robust Engineering Design
  • Innovative
  • Certified

So if you are Thinking lubrication equipment … Think Unipac to ensure productivity in your workshop. At UNIPAC we meet your individual requirements and maximize your workshop efficiency.

The range for Lubrication & Fluid Handling equipment include:

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