banner_triensSankyo Reels, Inc. has been in business more than 40 years since its founding in 1968. And it has grown to where today people say, “reels mean Sankyo”. Those trusted products boast the top share in the automotive industry, and their high level of quality is widely recognised.

UNIPAC offers a large range from Triens which includes an abundant variety of highly functional and well designed reels of every size and purpose. TRIENS represents Sankyo and comes from the Latin “tri” (three) and “consensio” (accordance).

TRIENS represents Sankyo and comes from the latin “tri (three) and “consensio” (accordance)
This name encompasses the meaning of an engineering group that is always trying their best, and working to become professionals who don’t compromise.

Three unchanging values TRIENS offers to customers are advancement, reliability and refinement.

UNIPAC regularly supply a large range of the Triens hose reels for a variety of uses including air, water and lubricants to name a few.

Types of hose reels TRIANS offer are as shown below;

Heavy Duty
heavy duty
W- series (Wide Compact)
w series

e-COA (eco-friendly)


Twin-kle 2 (Combination)
twinkle box