Portable Exhaust Gas Extractor

ART 673
The Jumbo Zeca is a mobile, user-friendly exhaust extraction system that allows for clean engine work in workshops with its easy-adjust features and quick workstation mobility.
  • 220 Volt 50 Hz Motor
  • Protection degree IP54.
  • Supplied with 1.5 m of power cable, 3G 1.5 mm2 section.
  • Delivered with 6 m plasticised heat-resistant [130°] ducting hose, 120 mm diameter, supported by a steel wire helix incorporated within 2 textile plies covered with self-extinguishing PVC.
  • Capacity 430 m3/h.
  • Max length outlet hose 18 m.
  • Max height outlet hose 12 m.

$ 1,990.00 AUD